John Maxwell says, "Everything rises and falls on leadership." Just because you own the business or may have been to promoted to management does not mean you know how to lead.

Let us work with your managers, supervisors, and upper management to help you understand the dynamics of emotional intelligence and how it is important to understand the concepts of building and leading teams and motivating those teams. The technical aspects of the business are important, but the most important piece of the equation is the people that operate it.

In this difficult labor market, it is hard to attract talent and more difficult to retain them. We want you to do more than merely exist, but thrive in all your processes. Through a strategic partnership with the Kannenberg Group, we are able to offer a myriad of courses, in person or online. Every organization is unique. Let us come in and analyze your organization and help you design a program to address your specific needs. Whether it be a business, non-profit organization, or church, we have the background and resources to help you. Contact Judah Care Center and we will discuss how to tailor this process for your organization.