Talk to a Counselor Before Walking Down the Aisle

We offer premarital counseling in Fort Mill, SC & the greater Charlotte, NC area

Long-term relationships take hard work and a lot of patience. Judah Care Center can help you and your partner better understand each other and move forward together. Our premarital counseling services are designed to help couples face the future with confidence.

Our premarital counseling can help you:

  • Understand your future spouse better
  • Learn more about yourself and how you approach relationships
  • Manage issues involving communication, finances and intimacy

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Navigating a relationship can be more challenging than you might expect. We're here to make it easier with our premarital counseling services. We can go over some of the pitfalls and tension points in your relationship to help you reach a better understanding. You can get to know your partner better, and you may even get to know yourself better.

In addition to using Temperament Therapy and our unique process, now you can add the option to include a Symbis assessment to your package. Symbis is a valuable tool that touches on more than two dozen particular dimensions of a relationship to facilitate a great start to marriage. In addition to your temperament profiles, the add-on of a Symbis report can be a great reminder of your mate's tendencies and can be a valuable guide for both of you for years to come

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